Reach new customers for free

New custom for your business is one of the most valuable, but also most difficult things that any business has to do. We’re going to look at uncovering some of the cheap, and even free ways in which it’s possible to raise your profile, get free advertising and promote your business to loads of new customers! Doesn’t that sound great?

Firstly, we’re going to look at something so simple, you’ll kick yourself if you’re not doing it already!!

It’s the humble email footer!

When most business sign off an email, it looks something like this:


Kinds regards.

Bob Smith

0116 98 765 432

Privacy and confidentiality statement


So, you’ve got a sign off saying ‘Kind regards’ or something similar, then perhaps a contact telephone number, and finally some sort of privacy statement saying that the email is confidential.

Now, think about how many emails you send a day? I send about 20 emails a day, so that’s 100 a week - perhaps 5,000 a year! Some of those emails will be to existing clients, and some may be to people who are not yet a customer.

Think how great it would be if you could use those 5,000 emails as little adverts for your business - reminding people of the great work that you offer, and directing them to find out more information on your website, or your Linked In profile, or your Youtube channel?

Well, by taking advantage of the power of the email footer you can.

That little space under where you sign off your email can easily be used as a great advert for your business, and you can even change it to advertise special or seasonal offers throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at a supercharged email footer and give you an idea of something you can easily implement straight away! Let’s do an example for a business that offers car servicing.

So, we’ll start with the sign off at the top as before:

Kind regards, Bob Smith.

Beneath that, we could use a tagline such as:

Get your car serviced with us - top quality servicing for all makes and models, at a fraction of the price of a main dealer. Give us a call now on 0800 778944 and get your car booked in! Get an extra 10% off if you bring a copy of this email with you!

Wow! So in just three sentences, we’ve made the reader aware of what we offer:

  • Get your car serviced with us - top quality servicing for all makes and models

Given them a reason to use us for their car servicing:

  • at a fraction of the price of a main dealer

added a call to action:

  • Give us a call now on 0800 778944 and get your car booked in!

and offered an extra incentive to bring their advert, so we can track our marketing effort:

  • Get an extra 10% off if you bring a copy of this email with you!

Isn’t that fantastic??

We can follow up that short paragraph with links to our website, links to any promotional video’s we’ve put on Youtube and all our relevant contact information.

The humble email footer; a free, and powerful way in which you can promote your business to a potential list of thousands throughout the year at no extra cost whatsoever!

OK, so what about reaching new customers who’ve never heard of your business and know nothing at all about you so far?

Well, there are lots of ways in which you can reach potential customers for just a little effort on your behalf.

The press release

Firstly, there’s the press release. Now, a press release is simply an article you’ve written, perhaps with an image, that you send out to relevant publications in the hope that they’ll publish it.

The key to this, is writing the press release in the right style, with the right balance of information and interest. It can’t just be an advert for your business, but needs to have value to the reader.

What the editor of any publication likes the best, is a press release written in a suitable tone and style for their magazine or paper that is ready to go without any work on their behalf. So check carefully for grammer and spelling errors.

Aim to write an article from your knowledge of the industry which readers will find interesting and informative. Just by adding your name, and company details to the end of the article will give you instant credibility and position you as an expert in your field.

So, do some research and find what your customers are reading - it could be industry magazines, or the local papers, and think of something that they might not know and write about it. Top 10 lists are a great start. ‘Ways to save money’, or ‘Make your life easier with a … something’. See what you can come up with!

The great news is, you can reuse this article on a blog for your website and send out emails to your clients with a link to the article.

Leaflets and email

Other cheap ways to reach customers could include posting leaflets. It’s fairly cheap to get 1,000 leaflets printed and you could either post them out to your customers, or deliver them to the local area depending on the sort of business you have.

Build up an email list of your clients, and start to send them a regular email, perhaps once a month, with your latest news and any special or seasonal offers you may have. If you’re not sure about how to set up emails, then a service such as would be a great place to start.

Try to spend a little time every month on your marketing. It’s a great way to remind customers of what you do, and over time, will really help to grow your business.

OK, let’s summarise:

  • Firstly, get your email footer sorted - it’s an easy, free way to get your message out
  • Have a go at writing a press release and send it out - it positions you as an expert and gets you free exposure to potential customers
  • Get some leaflets printed and post them through nearby letterboxes every time you visit a customer
  • Set up a list of your customer email addresses and contact them monthly with advice and offers