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Marketing - it's not rocket science!

Since I first got my marketing qualifications almost 20 years ago, and then went on to run my own agency, I’ve come across so many clients, big and small, who just don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing and growing their business.

The good news is, that marketing isn't rocket science. It's all about telling people about your business and making them want to buy your products and services.

I'm going to start off by telling you a little story about something that happened to me just the other week.

My fridge had started to make a funny noise and I was a bit worried that it was going to go wrong. I was talking to a friend and he recommended a guy called Paul who could come and fix it for me. So I gave Paul a quick call, and sure enough the next day he came out....

He was a really nice guy, friendly and knowledgeable. He had the spare parts in his van and he was able to fix the fridge the very same day. Whilst Paul was fixing the fridge I had a chat with him. I asked him how his business was going. He said “It's going ok but I could do with some more customers.” I said to him “what advertising are you doing at the minute?” “Oh I'm not doing any advertising.” he said. So I asked him “Do you have any leaflets then that you give out to people?” “No I don't do anything like that.” he said. So I said “Paul, I think with just a little bit of marketing, your business could do really well – it’s all about letting potential customers know what you’re offering. What about trying this: For every job you go to, you could put a leaflet through the door of the houses on either side of your repair. Just how many extra people would that tell about your business?”

Let's do some sums. Paul can repair eight fridges per day. If every visit he posts a leaflet to both houses on either side of his repair, that's 16 potential new customers he's reaching every single day.

That's 4000 new customers every year Paul could reach just from this one simple trick.

Paul thought this was a great idea! “Can you help me with this?” he asked. “I’d love to!” I replied. And just like that, my business has grown and Paul’s business will grow too!

Now there are three things we could learn from this. Firstly, if Paul did just a little bit of marketing, he could reach 4000 extra potential customers every year. Secondly this isn't rocket science, this is just one simple thing that Paul could do to grow his business. Finally, just by talking to Paul, I now have the opportunity to increase my own business and add another customer to my list of clients.

It's always worth telling people about what you do. Talk to people about your business. It doesn’t matter who - you never know where a new client may come from.

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