Marketing messages

Marketing - are you sending the right message?

What is your business about? What are you selling? What's your service?

OK, have a quick think and make a quick note of what your product or service that your business is selling.

Right, now I’m going to tell you that this is the number 1 mistake that businesses can make with their marketing material.

They think that all they need to do is tell people what their product or service is.

BUT, what you need to do is tell people how your product or service can help them. When marketing your business, you always talk about the benefits that your product or service offers, even if they seem totally obvious to you.

Marketing is not about what your product or service is, but it's what it can do for your customer. Think about the ways in which your product or service benefit your customer.

Establish how your product or service can solve the problem that your customer has.

So for example, let's pretend that you sell jackets. But in marketing terms, the benefit for your customer is that your product enables them to keep warm in a stylish and attractive garment.

Another example - you’re a website designer. So, your website design service offers businesses a chance to promote their products and services to a world-wide audience in a professional and dynamic manner which will help their business grow.

Let’s look at this point in a very simple advert:

Advert number 1 just says what your business does

  1. Wilma’s Web Design - We build websites

Advert number 2 shows how your service can help the business grow

  1. Tell the world about your business with a great website from Wilma’s Web Design

Which advert do you think is more successful? It’s always worth describing the benefits of what you’re offering, as it gets the potential customer thinking about how your service can solve their problem.

Let's try a little exercise. I'd like you to think about your business again, but this time, I want you to think about the benefits that your product or service will offer. Or, to put it another way, consider a problem your customer may have and how your product or service will solve it.

Is it going to make their life easier? Is it going to enable them to do something they couldn’t do before? Is it something they’re going to make them the envy of their friends? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think how their life will be changed when they buy your product or service.

To summarise...

  • Always talk to people about your business - you never know where it may lead
  • Without marketing your business won’t grow
  • Know what benefits your product or service offers to your customers
  • Remember to spell out the benefits - even if they seem obvious to you

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